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Training / certification management

In hazardous industries (like Oil & Gas and nuclear industries) safety training can make the difference between life & death. To maintain a spreadsheet with all employees and their acquired certifications is a huge job. SkillsXP is the solution to this problem!

SkillsXP is a database system (built upon an SQL database) where you can easily import the personnel records from your current HR or payroll system. Next step is to enter all acquired certifications (this can be done with a small conversion mostly). The resulting Training Matrix can be generated in a few mouse-clicks.


Competency management

Competency management is even more complicated than training management, but SkillsXP made it feasible. Competency management helps you distinguish from your competitors. With SkillsXP you keep track of experience of your personnel; this enables you to prove your customers that your employees are competent.  This also offers you the opportunity to perform ‘management of change’: what happens if employees are promoted or when they retire?

There have been cases where companies fired employees from very crucial positions and were not aware of the gap these people left behind, until it was too late …


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